Java: An object-oriented computer programming language.

For most of you, I am assuming you don’t know what a programming language is, so lets take a step back. Programming languages are what we use to communicate with computers, just like we use verbal languages like English and Spanish to communicate with each other. Java is one of those programming languages. There are rules to how we format our programs, same as English and other languages are dictated by grammar. The grammar of a programming language is important to know, as well as its vocabulary. Knowledge of both grammar and vocabulary allows you to communicate with the computer, and those who are very knowledgeable can tell the computer to do a lot more.

Java is one of many programming languages. There are countless other languages, each with their own grammar rules and vocabulary. The good thing is, they are all fairly similar. Some other popular languages include: - Python - C - Swift - Javascript - PHP - Ruby

Many languages have lots of purposes, but some are better for certain tasks than others. For example, Python is great for analyzing data, and Swift is used exclusively for development on Apple products.