Why donate?

By supporting Lakeville North Code Club, you are benefiting a large group of students grades 9-12.

Where does the money go?

All donations are put into the school code club bank account. This money will then be used for various things such as textbooks, online resources, and daily meeting expenses like snacks. If you would like your donation to put towards something in particular, either leave that message when you donate, or send an email to mjomdal@gmail.com

How to donate

f you are in the club, the easiest way to donate is in person! Just talk to one of our officers! You can also use one of these platforms to donate to the Club!

paypal Paypal: Coming Soon Stay Tuned!

Square Cash Square Cash: cash.me/$CodeClub

Thanks For Supporting Us!

Treasurer: Max Omdal (952) 201-4661 mjomdal@gmail.com